Why Get Wedding Photography Singapore Versus Other Countries

The truth is that wedding photography services in Singapore are definitely much better than most neighboring countries and there are many good reasons why Singapore is a great place for your wedding photo shoot.

First of all, Singapore is a small island, however, it has both rural and urban areas and hence you would be able to take outdoor wedding photographs with all kinds of backgrounds. If you prefer an urban backdrop, then you can simply head down to the Central Business District or Orchard Road. On the other hand, if you prefer a rural backdrop, then go over to Gardens by the Bay or Botanic Gardens (or perhaps you might even want to go to Pulau Ubin). Additionally, because Singapore is a small country, hence it is extremely easy for you to travel from one point to another (both rural and urban) within the same day for your photo shoot. This is definitely not the case for places such as Malaysia or Indonesia. This doesn’t mean that Malaysia or Indonesia doesn’t have beautiful places for wedding photography. I just mean that the travelling time between rural and urban is too long and if you want shots of both, you definitely need more than 1 day.

Next of all, Singapore has many good wedding photographers – both studio as well as outdoor photographers. Therefore you would have no lack of reputable and reliable photographers. This is unlike some neighboring states which MIGHT have some shady practices that you certainly don’t want to trust. However, with that being said, it doesn’t mean that the quality of wedding photographers in Singapore is automatically good. In fact, you should still check out their portfolio and their online reviews (if any) before making your decision. Never make a decision blindly.

Last of all, Singapore is a small place, and has a very tiny population size. Therefore, wedding photographers know better than to treat their customers poorly – because any kind of bad word of mouth marketing will be disastrous for them. Therefore, you can expect to get much better customer service standards if you engaged a wedding photographer in Singapore versus that e.g. in Malaysia (because the country is much larger and a bad reputation might not affect the photographer half as much in other states of the same country).

wedding image 1

Beautiful Wedding Photographs!

What kind of wedding photographs do you love?

Personally, I just cannot stop looking at wedding pictures with nature (regardless of what it is, it can be the ocean / sea / lake or it can be mountains / cliffs e.t.c.) as the backdrop while the couple is in the forefront of the image. Although it is harder to take such ‘nature’ pictures in Singapore where everywhere seems to have skyscrapers, finding a great bridal studio like Grandeur wedding Singapore will ensure that you can still take such pictures. A skilled and highly experienced photographer will know where to bring you to take such photographs.

I think when a bride dons her dress while the groom puts on his tuxedo to take such photographs in places of nature, everything just falls into place and looks so nice and lovely!

wedding photo 2

Just check out the above picture. It would perhaps look equally good in the day time too. But the night view of the park in the wedding photograph with the couple staring intently at each other with lovely eyes and gaze as if they’re about to kiss makes the whole image pop!

Really! Let’s take a look at another such bridal photo with nature as the backdrop to further my point.

wedding picture 3

I feel this one is equally amazing looking as well, because you can virtually see nothing in the background. Most couples have this feeling that they are the only people on Earth or the Universe for that matter when they are together, and there is no better way to portray that feeling than having a wedding or pre wedding photography session in a place of nature. It just looks so beautiful and astoundingly gorgeous!

bridal photograph 4

I just love the above picture. Look at that, the couple and / or helpers or perhaps the bridal photographer went to great efforts to decorate the entire tree with those long white ribbons dangling down with a tiny bouquet of flowers at the bottom. I do not know about you but this clearly reminds me of the famous tree in the Avatar movie. I just love it because this image looks so magical. It must have taken a creative mind and a great wedding photographer to pull of this image so well!

Alright, I hope you’ve been persuaded by me to take a beautiful wedding photography session for you and your spouse. Remember, never compromise on the quality of your wedding photographer or bridal studio and always go for an outdoor shoot!

Dos And Don’ts For Wedding Photoshoots

Things you should do:

– Be waxed or shaved at the appropriate areas before the shoot. Wedding photo shoots are one of the most important photo shoots in your life. You will want to look great and not unsightly. Be sure that no inappropriate or embarrassing photographs are taken of you during the wedding photo shoots.

– Get enough sleep so that you do not rush and will not have dark eye circles appearing as well. Make sure that you appear glowing and look your best during your wedding photo shoot. Sleep is one of the most crucial factor to ensuring that you will look and feel your best.

– Please wash and shower yourself before going down – but I think you already know this one. Shame on you if you do not. Being comfortable will also make you look comfortable and fresher for the photo shoot. Also, there is the hygiene and consider factor if you are renting bridal gowns in Singapore. These bridal gowns will need to be returned later. It will be embarrassing to return a smelly gown.

– Feel free to bring along some towels if you worry you will perspire during the photo shoot – this may depend on your location of the shoot. For indoor photo shoots, I do not foresee people will sweat assuming the indoor photography studio is air-conditioned. Unless you have some medical conditions to cause you to sweat easily even in air-conditioned rooms, you do not need to bring a towel actually. Of course, if you are having your photo shoot outdoors, there is a good chance you will need to bring your towel along with you as you will be running around in your warm wedding attire.

Things you should not do:

– Randomly try out a new hairstyle which may not necessarily suit you (you should have tried out in the past). Ideally, you should engage a professional hairstylist to style hairstyles for you to prepare you for the photo shoot.

– Drinking the night before. You do not want to look tired or grouchy during the photo shoot. This is the opposite of looking your best.

– Skipping meals before as you will only feel lethargic and appear tired in pictures. This is a clear no-no. You will want to look energetic!

Taking Wedding Pictures

There are many steps needed to take a great portfolio of wedding pictures and the following are some of the steps you can take or instruct your wedding photographer to take note in order to capture beautiful wedding photography for you and your spouse!

1) Find out what type of relationship you and your significant other have. Do you have a very romantic and sweet relationship? Do you have a fiery passion for each other? Do you enjoy dangerous activities together? All these can help you determine the style of the wedding photography which will suit you. Having a suitable photography style will bring out the personality and emotions of the photography target.

2) Scout for locations which suit your relationship. If you and your wedding partner are the outdoor type, you may want to take against a backdrop of nature – mountains, rivers, valleys.

If you are both executives and met in the office and love work, you may want to have your photos taken in the city or in the office. The point is to choose a backdrop that can amplify your relationships and the ambiance of the photograph. Everyone has got their own preferences and will be happier in certain environments more than the others.

Who says bridal photo shoots need to only be indoors? In fact, outdoor bridal photography companies are getting more popular now because couples now prefer outdoor shoots in the last decade.

3) Learn the ability to take photos using diffused light. Lights in enclosed areas may be minimal and difficult to take bright and clear images. This supports point 2 above that outdoor photo shoots is a better choice than indoor photo shoots.

4) Always expect the unexpected such as rain or hail or any sudden huge changes in weather or circumstances! As with everything else, always have plan B. If things don’t go smoothly, think of a back-up plan or you can try to experiment with a new photography style with the unexpected weather!

Funny Wedding Commercials

In this post I share with you two funny wedding commercials filmed and produced by BMW and Fiat. I hope you enjoy these videos.

If you are getting married, take these jokes with a pinch of salt. It is just for laughs 😉

Do share this post with friends who are getting married!

Also do tell me what you think of them in the comments below so I know what to better post in future to suit your tastes! Cheers.

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I have interacted with many like-minded wedding photographers like myself, and is certainly able to recommend you good wedding photographers or wedding photography studio in Singapore. For instance, you can try out Grandeur Wedding Studio (www.grandeurweddingstudio.com). Though it is a relatively new wedding studio in Singapore, the team of wedding photographers is very experienced. They started off many years ago as freelancers or attached to other wedding studios. You can visit its website to see for yourself the quality wedding portfolio that Grandeur Wedding Studio is having.

Beside a great team of wedding photographers, Grandeur Wedding has an awesome team of wedding videographers too. Their video quality is superb – simply cinematic. You will feel like as though you are watching a love story in the cinema. The quality is comparable to these wedding commercials you have seen here..

How To Take Great Photos With DSLR

Perhaps you love wedding photography so much that you are now a photographer and are being hired as an understudy at top bridal photography companies in Singapore like Grandeur Wedding Studios and you want to study more about picture taking as an art form by yourself? (e.g. self education) Read on then! I like bridal photography so I will be sharing a lot on this on my blog.

Do you remember the feeling you got when you first got your DSLR? I remember – I was so excited!!

But anyway, getting a good camera is just 5% of the work done. Now, you need some real bridal photography skills and only top DSLR users can capture truly amazing wedding pictures. In this post I seek to share with you some of the best tips when it comes to this.

First of all, it is EXTREMELY important to get a very big storage SD card when it comes to your DSLR, because it allows you to get instant feedback and saves you time by not needing you to constantly delete photographs.

Some of the best types of camera are cameras which allow you to look right through the lens, a professional bridal photographer should be able to look through the camera lenses and not just depend on the digital display on the screen!

If you want to be a true professional, then go to manual settings too instead of relying on auto settings. This will quickly teach you everything about the technicalities of using a DSLR camera.

Also, try to learn timing. When you time properly, you have more time to prepare for sudden candid photographs. This is because some events or happenings are missed out by amateur photographers. Do not disappoint a bride or bride groom because you did not being prepared for all the candid moments of a wedding ceremony – because those are usually among the most beautiful shots!

How To Find Reasonable Wedding Photoshoot Deals

First of all, you need to decide the quality of the photographs that you want and your budget.

Of course everyone would say they want fantastic quality photographs for as little as possible. That is a given. But do you truly think that a very cheap amateur inexperienced photographer in Singapore can produce same results as one who is very experienced and professional? No way.

Do you think a Singapore photographer who produces world class results is going to accept very low prices? He or she definitely would not waste their time. Do not kid yourself by thinking that even your friend will do it for you at ridiculously cheap prices if he or she is running a business. There is always an opportunity cost involved and you need to understand that as well.

Secondly, you can either check out with your family or friends if they have any particularly good referrals – perhaps wedding photographers they have used for themselves during their wedding in the past or people they know.

Next, you would want to compare their results and prices versus that of other Singapore wedding photography companies you can find on Google or Yahoo. Generally packages are separated into pre-wedding and wedding. Some of the photographers will even go so far as to accompany you to exotic places for your shoot. Make sure to check out if there are any additional prices.

A decently priced one is generally between $1000 to $2500. One that I find reasonably priced with great gifts and bonuses with wedding gown companies is Grandeur Wedding Studio (www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore/).

Another key thing to remember is that regardless of how you have managed to source your desired wedding photographer (e.g. through search engines or referral), always make sure to check the following 2 things with the bridal photographer himself or herself:

– Their portfolio. Not everyone has the same idea of what is a good picture and hence even with a referral, your closest friends or family may have a different idea of what is a nice wedding photograph (especially because some people have unique tastes). Hence make sure to verify the photographer’s portfolio before deciding.

– Make sure to talk to the wedding photographer. Each person has his or her own style of shooting – some are more demanding while some stay quiet and simply take photographs quietly by the side. It really depends on what you want at the end of the day because every couple’s personality is different.

Getting your wedding photo shoot done at reasonable prices is very possible if you follow the above steps. Just make sure to do your due diligence.

Choosing A Good Photographer

Don’t you just love beautiful bridal photographs? I love how it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy within when I see a happy couple taking amazing pictures together! It feels just so lovely, gorgeous and full of happiness and bliss. It is however, very important that you find a good wedding photographer in Singapore so that they can capture such images for you. Not every person is able to capture such magical moments and have them turn out looking so good! It takes a true professional.

Look at the following video, it shows you the type of wedding photography skills you should look for when looking for a professional to take the images you want.

Photography is about both technical skills as well as a grasp of knowing how to make the couple (e.g. you) at ease so that the wedding photographs that come out look great and comfortable – otherwise you will look very rigid and fake.

A good wedding photographer in Singapore needs to know how to have the right exposure, lighting etc. for their bridal pictures of their clients (couples getting married) but the photographer also has to be able to generate and illicit the emotions the subjects felt during the time of the photo.

This is especially true if you are looking for wedding images which will simply look amazing even when you look back on it 20, 30, 40 years after your marriage!

Wedding is very often a once in a lifetime event for most couples in Singapore and so getting the best wedding photographer that Singapore has to offer is exceedingly important. That is why you must absolutely watch the above video if you want to have a truly pleasant experience throughout your bridal photo shoot session.

But anyway, here are some non-technical tips that can help you out too when finding a photographer in Singapore:

Always make sure that you can click well with the photographer. There are just some people with whom you would never ever be able to talk to simply because you don’t like each others faces or you just cannot stand that person’s character. This is the last thing you want happening to you during your wedding ceremony or even for pre wedding photo shoots. Hence, make sure always to speak to the professional you decide to engage.