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Gadget Promo Deals is one of the USA's most popular gadget and smart home retailers.

Gadget Promo Deals is one of the USA’s most popular gadget and smart home retailers. Whether you are a dealer, professional installer or DIY enthusiast, our online store has the products you need to create an amazing smart home . We offer smart home products, smart lighting and many others home gadgets that you just can’t live without.

Internet, connected objects and home automation  : this is the trio that made the advent of the smart home possible . But what exactly are we referring to when we talk about a smart home? What is a smart home and what features are available to you today?

In short, a smart home is a home in which the various elements (heating, lighting, multiple sockets, alarms, video surveillance devices, etc.) can be controlled from mobile applications, available on smartphones or tablets.

We even offer home automation and security devices compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Our free technical support, excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery with hassle-free returns are the reasons why Gadget Promo Deals is your one-stop-shop for designing and building a reliable smart home system .

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